The Customer is responsible for all costs of shipping of the products to the location specified by the customer. If this is the case, the separate charges for shipping and products will be shown on Euro Permanent Cosmetics SL two different invoices. The products are shipped EXW Murcia (Spain) INCOTERMS 2010.

Delays may occur when items are shipped. Our company makes no delivery date guarantee and assumes no liability for a carrier´s inability due to bad weather or any other condition. The goods are shipped under the recipient´s risk and responsibility.

Our responsibility for damages ceases when the carrier accepts the shipment, please contact the carrier to make damage claims. The Customer has to make sure that there are no freight shortages or signs of damage upon receipt of goods. Failure to do so can void damage claims. If the Customer has to claim anything, no delivery or somehow damaged, he has to do that directly with the carrier and send us a copy of the claim in writing, attaching the signed invoice by email to within 24 hours after receiving the products, specifying the reason or nature of those. Euro Permanent Cosmetics shall not be liable for special or consequential damages or for any damages arising out of or caused by delay, act of God or the public enemy, the authority of the law, strikes, riots or quarantine.



The products bought with this contract must be packed following the exportation norms and sea packaging with which the distributor can make sure a delivery of the products to the customer in good conditions. Natural cosmetic products should be shipped in an insulated container and kept in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.

The ideal temperature would be between 5ºC (minimum) and 21ºC (maximum). The goods should be shipped in an insulated container guaranteeing no exceed nor big changes of temperatures. It is recommendable to monitor the storage room to make sure that the oldest products are sold first. Please also make sure that the carrier has an insurance for the goods as in ICC A International while contracting his service. Any reclaim concerning the quality of the product must be done within 7 days after the problems occur and are verified. A sample of the concerned product has to be sent to the Manufacturer. The product life indicated refers to a product which has not been opened and still is complete.



 The products are not returnable, and their price does not have a rebate. “NO return for rebate”. Euro Permanent Cosmetics S.L. does not accept the return of any purchased product. If the return is accepted, the products must be sent back always with the confirmation of Euro Permanent Cosmetics S.L. and always in relation with products bought 7 days before. An authorization number is needed. The products must be new and subject to inspection, in original packaging and undamaged conditions. The customer is responsible for the shipment costs of any new product of the returned ones. Euro Permanent Cosmetics SL will not be responsible for any shipment and handling or payment or rebate of toll fees, taxes or VAT.